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  • Mood B Complete
  • Mood B Complete
  • Mood B Complete
  • Mood B Complete

Mood B Complete

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Support For: A Balanced Mood, Energy, & Mental Clarity

Help your brain become more capable of producing mood regulating neurotransmitters with 9 essential mood-boosting nutrients including methylated B-Vitamins.

  • Methylated B-Vitamins to lower anxiousness & immediate absorption
  • Cofactors for neurotransmitter signaling involved in energy & concentration.
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support everyday mood health

This methylated B-complex is supported by cofactors to promote bioavailability of good mood nutrients. Developed by doctors and nutritionists to help balance your mood over time.

• 9 essential nutrients your brain needs to optimize your mood. 
• Boosts energy and focus.
• Supports nerve function.
• Methylated for essential absorption.


• Formulated by Neuroscientists and Nutritional Psychiatrists
• 30 capsules per tin
• Gluten-Free
• Made in USA
• Vegan








Methylated B vitamins can give you a great boost of energy, so try taking them in the morning with breakfast. Mood B Complete should be taken daily to stabilize your mood over time.

We encourage you to consult your physician with any questions you may have about interactions with over the counter medications or prescription medications.

Variations in the MTHFR genes determine your ability to process B vitamins and Folate, if you have a mutation or a variant to one or more copies of this gene (we all have 2, one from each parent), then it can impact your ability to absorb and utilize the essential nutrients you need, and will cause you to be deficient in B vitamins. Anyone can take a methylated B vitamin, so it is more likely to help everyone regardless if know if you have the gene variance or not. It’s basically like covering all your bases to make sure that these B vitamins and Folate are going to be able to do their job. PYM’s formula also includes essential mood stabilizing cofactors for enhanced absorption and a more balanced mood state.

Methylated b vitamins help your brain become more capable of synthesizing neurotransmitters like serotonin. With proper transmission of neurotransmitters in your brain, your mood may stabilize over time. Methylated b vitamins also allow your brain to better absorb other mood boosting vitamins and minerals so are most effective when feeding it other essential nutrients like magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, and probiotics. B vitamins have also been proven to support the body’s stress response which is why daily use can better equip your mind and body to prepare for stressful or overwhelming situations.

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