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The Benefits of GABA on Mental Health


The Benefits of GABA on Mental Health

GABA 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Neurotransmitter

The human brain is a crazy place. Inside all of our brains, there are billions of neurons constantly communicating with each other, by way of chemicals called neurotransmitters, at any given moment. Neurons help us taste food, move our bodies, and feel things around us. Everyone’s neurons communicate differently, which is what makes us all one-of-a-kind in the ways that we think, feel, and act. 

GABA (scientifically known as gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter that helps inhibit neuron activity. Put simply, GABA helps slow down some of the craziness that goes on up there and thus can help provide a calming effect on the brain. Increased GABA levels can help us feel less stressed, depressed, anxious, and even help us sleep better. If your natural GABA levels are low, on the other hand, it can feel like your mind is in overdrive.

Luckily, there are many safe and easy ways to boost your brain’s GABA levels. You can try a GABA supplement, a GABA tea, or a PYM Mood Chew (each chew has 125 mg of GABA).

Benefits of GABA

We’ve already mentioned that GABA can help keep the brain calm and carrying on, but let’s get into some more specifics. Studies have found that participants who took GABA supplements felt more calm, less worried, and less stressed after incorporating the supplement into their diet. Wondering how and when to incorporate GABA into your life? Here are some ideas for how increased GABA levels may benefit you. 

To Sleep Better 

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, GABA may be beneficial. A 2018 study found that participants who took 300mg of GABA an hour before bed fell asleep faster than those taking a placebo pill. Participants also reported sleeping better through the night after four weeks of the treatment. 

To Unwind After A Stressful Day 

Ever feel like your mind is running a mile a minute and you just cannot slow it down no matter how hard you try? Stress can do that to you, and trust us, we’ve been there too. GABA can help increase relaxation in times like these by lessening those feelings of stress and anxiety and helping elevate your mood. 

To Ease Chronic Stress 

Many of us experience chronic periods of stress throughout our lives. These periods can be due to a variety of factors, such as major life changes, pressure from work, or even worry about the state of the world. This stress manifests differently for everyone, and we all manage it differently too. GABA can help ease the overwhelming burden of stress and make it easier for us to cope with these feelings. 

To Lessen Feelings of Anxiety and Depression

Studies have found that individuals with anxiety disorders and major depression exhibit reduced GABA levels. A GABA supplement may help regulate the GABA levels in the brain, thus making us feel less depressed, anxious, and generally in a better mood. 

With a range of benefits, GABA can help anyone who needs a little mood boost. It’s safe to be taken at any time of day, so there really are so many different use cases for every individual need. In addition to GABA, our PYM Mood Chews also include L-Theanine and Rhodiola, an amino acid and an adaptogen, respectively, that also work to support relaxation, and may help lessen feelings of anxiety and depression. When do you like to take your PYM?