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How to Seamlessly Use your HSA/FSA on PYM Products

We are excited to announce our collaboration with TrueMed which gives you the convenience of using your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to purchase PYM products!

That means now you can use your pre-tax dollars for net savings of 30- 40%! With TrueMed, the process of using your HSA or FSA is incredibly simple, whether you are making a one-time purchase or starting a new subscription.

One-time purchase

To make a one-time purchase, just add your desired products to the cart. During checkout, select TrueMed as your payment option, enter your HSA or FSA debit card details, and complete a brief health survey to determine your eligibility.

Once your eligibility is approved, you’re all set and you will receive an order confirmation. If you opted to pay with your HSA or FSA card, there’s nothing left to do! TrueMed will handle all the necessary compliance paperwork. However, if you prefer to use your personal credit card, TrueMed will provide instructions for reimbursement.

Step 1: Add items to cart and begin checkout

Put and proceed to checkout

 Step 2: Select TrueMed as payment option


Step 3: Follow TrueMed prompts

Follow the prompts


Current Subscriptions:

If you already have a PYM subscription, good news! You can also benefit from our TrueMed partnership and get reimbursed for future payments for your eligible subscription. And the best part? It’s quick and easy.

1. Complete this survey to see if you qualify.

2. Once you’re approved, the TrueMed Concierge will contact you and assist you in submitting your receipts to your HSA/FSA provider to get reimbursed.

New Subscriptions:

When starting a subscription simply add items to your cart and checkout as normal. After purchasing your subscription you will receive a post-purchase confirmation email from PYM.

 1. In the confirmation email you will receive this survey to see if you qualify.

2. Complete the survey.

3. The TrueMed Concierge will contact you to determine your eligibility and assist you in getting reimbursed by your HSA/FSA provider.


TrueMed shares our commitment to making mental wellness more affordable. If you want to learn more about their mission, you can find additional information here.