Our Story

After my dad took his life in August of 2014, my anxiety went into overdrive. I found myself depressed, anxious, traumatized, and unable to cope with daily life. As I went about trying to heal and piece my life back together, I found myself trying to treat the chronic stress and anxiety I had with alcohol and cannabis products.

These bandaids left me numb, disconnected, and addicted. I was nowhere near happy and definitely not feeling like the best version of myself.

So, I stopped self-medicating and got sober. But I still didn’t feel like my best self. 

My brain still needed something to bring itself back to center. Through a lot of research, I discovered there are a wealth of botanical adaptogens and amino acid complexes that help recalibrate our body and brain so it can heal itself. I asked myself why nobody knew of these compounds and why they were so hard to find. I finally found something that actually made me feel OK, made me feel normal, and helped me not just get through the day but actually thrive.

I spent the next two years innovating on compounds, taste, bioavailability, and accessibility to create a safe, natural, delicious, and most importantly, supportive anxiety and stress relief product.

PYM prepares your mind to produce the naturally occurring neurotransmitters that help you feel like yourself again.

Zak Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

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