Bioavailability and absorption of chews vs tablets


Why Choose Chews? The science behind chews & bioavailability

Noticing some inconsistency in the color or texture of your chews? Don't worry, it's all part of the intelligent design of our chews!

Everything about the formulation of our PYM Mood Chew and Attention Chew blends--from the form, to the flavor, the consistency, to the ingredients-- is optimized in order for you to get the most benefit, in the most delicious, safe, and effective way.

Chews help the nutrients get to where they need to go!

Bioavailability refers to the degree and rate that a drug or metabolite (the substance made when breaking down food, drinks, chemicals or tissue) enters the circulation system, and then the site of action (1).

Translation? Bioavailability means how well the nutrients from our food or supplements can get to where they're supposed to go and be used by the body.

Bioavailability is important because we can’t rely on our bodies to be 100% efficient all the time.

This means that while we might be taking supplements and eating nutritious food, it doesn’t always absorb all the nutrients it needs to.

Some of these key nutrients may be destroyed in the stomach, intestines or liver, excreted back out of the system, or don’t even enter the cells (2).

A lot of supplements on the market are formulated in a way that doesn't allow your body to actually digest and absorb the nutrients properly, which can be a waste of money.

But not our chews! The fact that you have to chew it (and yes, it's meant to be a bit harder like the consistency of a Starburst, not as soft as a gummy), helps kick-start the digestion process, which helps your body absorb and utilize the nutrients more effectively (3).

Chewing stimulates the release of dopamine (your "pleasure" neurotransmitter), and salivation (4). The saliva helps break down the food so that your body can more easily absorb and utilize the nutrients (5). Chewing for about 20 seconds is ideal.

Flavor with a Purpose

Even the flavors are intentional (we didn't just pick PYM Founders Zak and Olivia's favorite 😉). The sour mixed berry and citrus flavors also stimulate salivation to further support the digestion process (6). 

Not only that, but sour flavors can help serve as a distraction technique in the midst of anxiety or panic. It shifts the brain’s attention from sensations of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm to the vivid, assertive flavor in the mouth.

Coming back into your senses can dampen the fight or flight response and give us better access to our frontal cerebral cortex (the thinking part of our brain).

Natural and Organic isn't always pretty

Many products on the market are made with artificial food dyes or flavorings that yes, make the product look prettier, but aren't so supportive for your health (7), which kinda defeats the purpose of a supplement 😉.

In our chews, we left all the junk out and kept only the good stuff in. Our chews are made with the highest quality organic functional ingredients. Plus, they're vegan, gluten-free, with no artificial sugar added.

This means the chews might have inconsistent coloring or texture, or their shape might not be a perfect cube. This does not take away from their efficacy. 

So there you have it, happy chewing!

If you have any further questions about your chews, please contact support@youcanpym.

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