Mental Health Advocacy Education Course

PYM aspires to make mental health conversations more accessible to everyone and to empower others to create more safe spaces for discussion.

Join Zak Williams, globally lauded Mental Health Advocate & PYM Co-Founder and CEO, and Dr. Raghu Appasani MD. Psychiatrist & PYM Chief Medical Officer, for a free digital course on how YOU can become a mental health advocate, too.

Learn How To...

  • Advocate for your own mental health and the needs of others
  • Communicate with Mental Health Advocacy best practices
  • Support your peers and loved ones
  • Increase openness, adoption, and impact through action

Meet the Course Creators

Zak Williams

PYM CEO & Co-Founder
& Mental Health Advocate

“I became a mental health advocate because I found learning to advocate for my own mental health and the mental health of others was deeply healing for the trauma I experienced after my dad passed away. The advocacy work was a path that enabled me to find happiness through service.”

Dr. Raghu Appasani

MD Psychiatrist, PYM Chief Medical Officer
& Mental Health Advocate

“Language is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to creating a world that accepts anyone regardless of where they are on the mental health spectrum. Deep understanding for this spectrum comes through providing mental health education to increase literacy in order to have effective and empathetic conversations.”

In Collaboration With

As a part of the separate corporate mental health advocacy program offering, PYM is collaborating with several global companies and getting insights ahead of launch. Cushman Wakefield, a leading global real estate services firm, is sharing valuable data and insight from its Experience per Square Foot™ survey, to ensure PYM’s program focuses on employee engagement and personal well-being in the workplace.


PYM’s Mental Health Advocacy Education Course will be released in coming months.

You will receive an email notifying you of the release of PYM’s Mental Health Advocacy Education Course. If you also would like a text notification when the course is announced, be sure to include your phone number when you register.

The digital course is designed for education purposes. All you will need is internet access and some time to complete it. Guided by Zak Williams and Dr. Appasani, PYM’s Mental Health Advocacy Education Course will be easy to complete utilizing video and other instuctional tactics. Participants will learn the best mental health practices for themselves and others.At the end of the course, you should feel empowered and armed with the tools to best support colleagues, peers, friends, and family, and your own mental health too.

The course will be completely free to individuals. Employer version costs will be announced when the course is released.