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“After taking the chews for several weeks, I noticed a difference — felt calm, and could tell I was thinking clearer. I'm on Zoom calls all day long and can often lose my train of thought — with PYM I feel more engaged. THEN — after running out and not taking them a few days, I could REALLY tell how much they worked. Without the chews, I could feel anxiousness creep back in and thoughts were foggy. If you are doubtful — ORDER PYM NOW :) Even sign up for the subscription! You won't be disappointed.”


"I have been taking two as a daily vitamin and before stressful situations I’ll take one. Friends and people close to me have noticed, they’ve even said “you’ve been more chill this week”.


“Daily use has evened out my mood on a daily basis.”


“I did a test run and loved them so much that I subscribed to receive them automatically.”


“I’m subscribed to 6 tins every 4 weeks. Thought it was hocus pocus, but they really work for me. I take 2 in the AM then 2 at early afternoon and I’m fine. I feel normal when I take these, no problem with anxiety (no obsessing) and no overwhelming feelings of doom. I’m able to process anything as it comes my way, which was unheard of after college.”


Discover daily mood support when you subscribe & save.

PYM Mood Chews are the perfect companion to a daily stress-relief routine.

PYM can be taken in the morning, before stressful moments, or when you just need a little extra help to handle anything that life throws 
your way.

Save up to 30% when you subscribe.

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Simply text “modify” to 833-223-8997 and make any changes to your next order of PYM Mood Chews.

Simply go to, click Manage Subscription, enter the email you purchased your subscription with, and login through the link emailed directly to you.

When you make a subscription purchase to PYM Mood Chews you will be promoted to select a series of options including: 

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Subscribe and save 20%

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3 tins of 20 mood chews

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Every 2-weeks

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Every 8-weeks

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