PYM Original Mood Chews thrive where stressed people are… aka everywhere. 

Want to carry PYM’s Original Mood Chews at your store? Our customers are looking for more places to grab a pack of PYM, and we’d love to send them your way. We work with businesses of any size, and have low first order minimums.  

PYM Original Mood Chews make for a great cart add in the impulse/counter space, and keep customers coming back to pick up their new favorite pick-me-up.  

Whether you’re a lifestyle retailer, medical office, a neighborhood grocery store with just one or hundreds of locations around the country, we’re happy to work with you. 

Email us at sales@youcanpym.com if you have any questions, or find us on Range.me

You can also self-serve, and get PYM in your store now with Faire!