Mental Hygiene Coaching

Mental Hygiene Coaching

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Join us Wednesday, January 18th @ 6PM ET

Sign-up for the NEW PYM Mental Hygiene Coaching Program and kick off the new year with a total reset – mentally, physically, socially. 

We’ll be using the latest research in scientifically backed diet and lifestyle changes that are proven to create long lasting changes in your mind and body. 

  • personalized nutrition plan for you & support implementing it
  • The latest tools for long-term mental health improvement 
  • An intimate community and hold each other accountable 
  • 20 sessions with your Board Certified Health Coach
*A fully refundable downpayment of $100 is needed to reserve your spot. The entire 4 month program costs $800. The remaining $700 will be due after the initial session.


  • Board Certified Health Coaches

    The program is crafted by leading nutritional psychiatrists, psychologists and health coaches, and our co-founder Olivia June Williams, integrative nutrition coach. here.Subheading goes here.

  • Like-Minded Community

    You will be matched with a small group as your accountability circle. Your circle will meet weekly for 90 minutes via Zoom. The 16 group sessions will feature guest speakers, workshop modules, and group discussions.

  • 20 Sessions Over 4 Months

    All sessions will be live and interactive with no pre-recorded materials. Each session will have a recap and educational materials provided.


Stefania Patinella, M.A.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, NBC-HWC

Stefania Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching for adults, kids and families to help you thrive. She specializes in Mental Health & Good Sleep focusing on stress, anxiety, depression, tension, and insomia.

"My coaching is “integrative” because it combines many modalities to coax your body back towards health. This can include nutrition, physical activity, anxiety and stress reduction, sleep hygiene, herbal medicines or others. I will make sure our plan aligns with information from other health providers, including medications and test results. A good plan is one that is coordinated, doable and feels right to you." - Stefania


Integrative Nutrition Coach

Olivia is co-founder of PYM, and through her lifelong journey in learning how to cope with the loss of her sister to suicide when she was 10 and the fallout from that event, which left her traumatized, physically sick, and suffering from depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Ten years later, Olivia found herself in the hospital because her physical and mental health couldn’t keep up, and over the last 17 years she worked with a myriad of doctors and wellness practitioners to build a system that would allow her to live a life full of joy, purpose, sustained wellness through diet and lifestyle management. Olivia also founded VINA, the largest women’s social app in the world, and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Side Effects May Include:

  • Smiling more
  • Better sleep
  • Improved relationships
  • Self-love
  • Confidence
  • Feeling in control of your life

What this is not:

1. A set programmed educational course, it is highly personalized and interactive designed around your bio-individual needs. 

2. This program is not medical care, psychiatric care, or psychotherapy.

3. Your health coach can not diagnose or treat any medical condition.

  • “Coaching works to support a personalised approach to assist patients achieve their healthcare goals.”

    - Dr. Raghu Appasani
  • ★★★★★

    “Daily use has evened out my mood.
    Subtle but definite.”

    - LONNIE C.


This program is for those who are not only open to but seeking and committed to making meaningful changes in your life! You are a person who is ready to take action. Perhaps this is your first step, or perhaps you’ve been on a mental health journey for a while, either way you’re committed to making your wellbeing a top priority in your life! 

This program is for adults, based in the USA and requires internet access.

- We’ll work together to establish goals and devise a plan for meeting them

- You’ll learn how your body works for your mental health as a system and how to better understand the holistic view of how to improve your day to day life

- We’ll establish personalized nutrition plan for you and support you on implementing it

- You’ll learn the latest tools for long-term mental health improvement and implement

- You’ll walk away with a huge shift in your mental and physical health journey

- We’ll build community and hold each other accountable 

- 20 sessions with your Board Certified Health Coach

- 4 individual 1 on 1

- 16 small group sessions in an intimate setting

We believe that progress and especially making new health habits is best done with the support of your community, so your Mental Hygiene Group will be partly your accountability support system, and often you’ll learn things from your peers who are on their journeys, and get answers to questions you didn’t even think about asking! Community is one of our core pillars of mental hygiene practice, and your curated group of like-minded individuals will be an essential part of your growth and progress!

Yes, simply click and utilize ShopPay Installments to make 4 interest-free payments. You can use installments to pay the $100 fee as well as for the entire program payment if desired. The total cost is $800 and your $100 downpayment will go towards the total cost. $700 will be due if you desire to continue with the program.