4 Things a Happy Mood Will Improve In Your Life


4 Things a Happy Mood Will Improve In Your Life

Bad moods are a drag. They often appear out of nowhere and put your day in a stranglehold, turning things that you normally enjoy into difficult tasks. It feels like your bad mood is going to be there forever like you’ll be a grumpy person for the rest of your life. But, just like everything in life, bad moods aren’t actually permanent. When you can learn to promote a happier mood, it tends to really improve your life in ways you might be surprised to hear. PYM can’t put you in a good mood, but we can help you get yourself there. Here’s how.

#1) Happiness Can Make You Healthier

You’ve heard of things being heart-healthy, but did you know that happiness can literally be good for you? When you find ways to increase your happiness, studies have shown that it can actually decrease both your blood pressure and your heart rate. Happier people also have a healthier heart rate variability.

On the flip side, everyone knows just how much stress can impact your body. High levels of cortisol can lead to all sorts of long-term health consequences, like weight gain and high blood pressure. Helping fight off those hormones can help your body exist on a more neutral footing, as well as increasing your immune system’s ability to fight off all kinds of diseases. 

If you need a little help treating your body well from the inside out, PYM Mood Chews has got your back. Our natural citrus chews were designed to help impact some of the hormones that control the mood. The amino acids and adaptogens can help you help yourself and give you a leg up on finding that happy mood again.

#2) Happiness Can Help Your Relationships

Relationships are interesting because happiness can make them better but they can also significantly impact your happiness. Weird, right?

There is an old saying that you’re unable to truly love another person unless you’ve learned to really love yourself --  and that’s absolutely true. We so often fall into this trap of thinking that another person is the key to our happiness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you learn to make yourself happy and learn what makes you happy outside of a relationship, you’ll be better able to love and appreciate another person. 

Also, let’s face it --  people who are constantly in a bad mood are really no fun to be around. When you’re in a good mood, the world really is your oyster, and even mundane things seem fun and exciting. Have a sense of playfulness with your partner, and you’ll develop and maintain a relationship that can last for life.

Happiness also makes you a much better parent. Children naturally have a sense of happiness and joy about them, approaching everything with wonder and delight. When you can meet them on that level and help them learn new and exciting things without knowing that they’re learning, you deepen that relationship that you have with them. It helps to develop a sense of trust, too. Try to let go, even for five minutes, and swing on the swings or play tag with your children. You’ll both benefit.

#3) Happiness Can Help You Cope

You’re not always going to be happy. That’s a shocker, we know! Plenty of things in life are going to make you sad, make you angry, make you generally unhappy. Life doesn’t always go the way that we want or expect it to, but having the tools available to help you cope with that can really help.

Having an overall sense of happiness can help to develop your resiliency, as well. If you haven’t heard of resilience before, it’s essentially the ability to get right back up after life knocks you down. The idea of resilience is a great one because it doesn’t ignore the fact that bad things happen. It can be tempting to think that there is a solution to make you never feel anything other than happy, but that’s simply not true. It’s in knowing that you can come back stronger than ever that makes you truly resilient.

#4) Happiness Can Make Your Work Life Better

Listen… you’re not always going to love your job. There are some days when you’ll get up, dragging your feet, and really consider just staying home. Even if you like what you do and enjoy the people you work with, a job is still a job. When you can approach that job with a better attitude, it can help that time go by as fast as possible.

When you are in a good mood at work, you leave for the day feeling far more fulfilled. Really, what more do we want out of our jobs other than to feel like we’ve made a difference in some way? No matter what you do for a living, it should make you feel like you’ve done something good at the end of the day. Approaching your job with a sense of happiness and calm can really shift the entire dynamic of your day.

However, if you fake happiness, you’ll come off as being disingenuous. Never fake being happy, especially if you work with the public. You can still be kind but work on learning how to make yourself happier at work instead of faking it until you make it. It’s worth it. 

In Summary

Happiness doesn’t always just happen to you. Sometimes you have to make the choice to be happy. When you can exist in a happier space, it will improve your life in immeasurable ways. PYM would love to be even a small part of that happiness, especially if it means that your life becomes just a little bit more enjoyable. We only get one, after all, and we should live it to the fullest. Life isn’t always happy, but knowing that you can get back there can really help you push through the hard times. 


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