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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Today Your Best Day Ever


5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Today Your Best Day Ever

Life is meant to be lived. Every day that you wake up really is a gift, and you owe it to yourself to live it to the fullest. However, that can often be way more easily said than done. 

PYM is here to help, which is why we created not only our Mood Chews, but also this list of a few of our favorite sure-fire ways that you can make today your absolutely best day, ever!

#1) Make The Choice To Have The Best Day Ever

In life, so much of what happens to us comes down to the choices that we make. It’s these small, daily decisions that truly drive the entire path of your day. Sometime, just waking up and making the choice to have the best day ever is enough to be able to shift your attitude for the better. 

Think of it like an affirmation. When you tell yourself “this will be the best day ever,” you put that intention into the universe. 

According to some mental health experts, this can really work because our thoughts become emotions, and ultimately, belief. 

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, tell yourself that the rest of your day is going to be great. Say it out loud if you can! You never know the kind of positive changes that can start with just simply willing them into existence. 

Want to have the best day ever? You can, and it starts with you and your perspective. 

#2) Prepare Ahead of Time

While belief that you’re going to have the best day ever is an important part of the puzzle, it isn’t just belief alone that helps.

To help guarantee your day will run smoothly, prepare for your day ahead of time. Take a look at your schedule and plan out your day. What will you eat? Where do you need to be? Are there any obligations that you made that you don’t want to do? Where can you make time for yourself?

By really dissecting your calendar, you can get a good sense of what your day will be like. You can also really understand the whole picture of where you can make changes not only to make your day go better, but also to make your life the way you want it to be. 

You’ll likely be shocked by how much of your time really isn’t yours, and how many things you say yes to that you don’t actually want to do. When you prioritize yourself, and your needs, everything else can more easily fall into place.

Part of this is also learning how to say “no.” It can be really hard, at first, but once you get used to not agreeing to do things just because you feel like you have to, you’ll be able to enjoy your time that much more.

#3) Get More Sleep The Night Before

This one requires a little planning ahead of time but, in order to really help yourself have the best day ever, try to go to sleep a little earlier the night before!

We all know that we need around eight hours of sleep a night to feel our best. In fact, the CDC recommends anywhere between seven to eight hours nightly, and considers anything less than that as “short sleep duration.” It’s estimated that at least 30% of people don’t get enough sleep, which is unfortunate because it really can increase the risk of a lot of different health conditions. 

So, when you focus on making sure that you get enough sleep, you’re really investing in your future. 

When you’re well-slept, you tend to be naturally in a better mood. It’s much easier to have the best day ever when you’re already in a good mood!

#4) Have a Plan If A Bad Mood Strikes

Even in the middle of a great day, anxiety or crankiness can strike. But you don’t have to let it ruin everything that you’ve already accomplished! Having a good plan in place for those sudden, anxious moments can help you head them off before they start, or at least decrease their duration.

That’s part of why we designed our Mood Chews. Our proprietary mix of amino acids and adaptogens help to support the mind and the body during all of the ups and downs that life has to throw at you. 

If you take them at the beginning of a day that you know will be stressful, or at least 20 minutes before a stressful event, it can really help you to be able to regain a sense of control in your life, and we could all really use a helpful boost sometimes no matter who we are.

#5) Do At Least One Thing That You Love

The best days in the world are filled with things that you love. Think about some of the best days that you’ve had. What did you do? Who were you with? 

If you’re really wanting to plan a day that will be one of your best, make sure you plan to do at least one thing that you know you love to do. 

Whether that is splurging on a fancy meal at your favorite restaurant, seeing a movie, or going shopping, making sure that you do things that you love is so important. It can take any day, even one filled with work or other responsibilities, enjoyable. 

Think of it like investing in yourself and your wellbeing. We so frequently forget to take care of ourselves, usually because we’re focusing so much on other people. When you invest in yourself, and use self care, you’ll also have more to give to others. 

It’s like that ancient saying… you can’t help anyone else if you don’t first put the oxygen mask on yourself!

In Summary…

You don’t have to just let good days happen. Knowing a few ways that you can help yourself to have the best day ever can definitely increase your odds.

PYM believes that everyone deserves to have great days as often as possible. Bad days happen, but they’ll become few and far between when you know how to hack your life and take charge. 

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