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5 Ways To Make Someone Happy Today


5 Ways To Make Someone Happy Today

Making someone else happy is incredibly rewarding. When you’re able to turn someone’s day around a single word or gesture, it helps to remind you how much power each of us really has to impact someone else’s life. 

If you need some hints or tips on how to help make someone else’s day just a little bit brighter, PYM is here for you. If each of us made the choice to treat everyone we encounter with love and kindness, imagine how much better this world would be. 

#1) Make Eye Contact

One of the best things that you can do to make someone happy is to make eye contact with them. 

If you’re with a friend or family member, making eye contact lets them know that you’re present and engaged with what they’re saying. If you’re just walking by or conversing with a stranger, it verifies that you see them as human and worth something. 

In either case, there are studies that have shown that maintaining those face to face human connections, both with people you know and people you don’t, really is one of the keys to happiness, longevity, and a sense of overall well-being.  

That isn’t to say that eye contact is easy, or for everyone. Because we’re all different and unique creatures with our own stories, not everyone likes to make eye contact. There are also a variety of different reasons that eye contact could be incredibly difficult, so you should never force it. 

But, a quick smile while making even brief eye contact can really make someone’s whole day. It’s definitely a habit worth developing.

#2) Call Your Mom, Dad, or Parental Figure

When we’re growing up, our parents are often the center of our entire world. We look up to them, want to spend time with them, and getting even a few words of praise can really make you feel like you’re on top of the world. 

Unfortunately, as we grow up, disconnecting from our parents is natural. It happens so slowly that you may not even notice that it is happening, and the next thing you know you’re living in a completely different state and you can’t remember the last time that you talked to them. 

If you really want to make your parent or parents smile, just give them a quick call to say hi and tell them that you love them. It only takes a few minutes (or longer if you want, of course!), and it will really make them feel like they’re still an important part of your life. This works just as well with anyone you consider a parental figure. 

Of course, it’s a little different when your relationship with your parent/parents isn’t the best. But, if you’re trying to develop a better relationship with them, consider taking a PYM Mood Chew ahead of time to help you better handle any potential stress or anxiety that it may elicit.

#3) Give Someone A Card

Giving someone a handwritten card is another, easy way to make someone else happy. For some people, being told face to face how important they are to you or how much you love can be awkward. Taking the time to write a card to let them know you’re thinking about them, especially if that person has been going through some harder times in their life, can really catch them off guard in a good way.

Plus, it helps to relieve some of the social nerves that can come with having to verbally tell someone those same things. 

If you feel like it, consider tossing in a gift card for coffee or a restaurant you know that they like. Even a small token like this really goes a long way toward making someone feel loved and appreciated. 

#4) Tip Well

Customer service is a hard job, especially in today’s world. Many waiters are working for below minimum wage just trying to make ends meet. When you go out to eat, make sure that you take that into account when you calculate your final bill.

If you really want to make someone’s day, give them a big tip. Just that small amount of gratitude for a job well done, if you can financially manage it yourself, can really make your server incredibly happy.

As a general rule of thumb, tipping around 20% tip of your bill, pre-tax, is standard.

#5) Say Thank You

Saying “thank you” to someone is about far more than that single moment in time. It’s not only the words that have meaning, it’s what they symbolize that is so essential. Showing that you appreciate someone by just saying “thank you” goes a long way.

In addition, saying thank you is good for the person saying it too! It helps you to maintain a general spirit of kindness and gratitude for everything that you get and improves your self esteem (and the self esteem of the person that you say it to). 

It’s good for everyone, and it helps you stay humble.

Make a habit of saying thank you frequently… to people holding the door for you, people bagging your groceries, people who bring you food. Tell your children thank you when they do something nice for you. Tell your partner thank you for doing the dishes. 

Simple gratitude is incredibly important in life, and hearing thank you is a great motivator. 

In Summary…

Making other people happy is often way more satisfying than making yourself happy. Even a kind word, or a smile to a stranger, can change someone’s day for the better. It also makes positive changes inside your, making you naturally more kind and grateful without even thinking about it. 

PYM Mood Chews can help you manage all of the ups and downs that life throws your way. 

When you do the hard work, all you need is a little assistance to reveal your best self. 


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