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Rhodiola for anxiety and depression


The Benefits of Rhodiola on Mental Health

Rhodiola may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

With all of the stress in our lives, it's no wonder that we're looking for natural remedies to manage anxious feelings. One such remedy is Rhodiola Rosea - This herb helps your body deal with periods during which you may experience high levels of stress or chronic anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea belongs to a category of herbs known as adaptogens. Found in the plant's roots, adaptogens are natural substances that work to help our bodies cope with periods of stress.

Basically, Rhodiola Rosea helps our body to help itself, so that we can use our mental coping skills to deal with stress and restlessness on a more even playing field.* 

5 Potential Ways Rhodiola May Impact Mental Health:

1. Stimulates natural mood stabilizers

Mood and emotions are primarily regulated by our brains through serotonin production. Seratonin is a natural mood stabilizer in our brain and Rhodiola has been known to enhance its production increasing endorphins and other feel-good hormones. Increased serotonin levels can elevate our mood.

2. Help the mind and body to withstand stress

The herb works by helping to stimulate the production of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine in the brain.* These neurotransmitters are essential to healthy neurological and emotional functionality.* Without them, we are much more prone to succumb to feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out. Risk factors reported have been minimal as the herb may be a natural option for stress management.

3. Reduce symptoms of anxiety

Rhodiola has been known to reduce anxiety symptoms like excessive worrying, tension, insomnia, dizziness, and fear. Studies exploring the effects of Rhodiola on General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) have shown significant reductions and anxiety levels among patients.

4. Reduce symptoms of depression

Studies have shown that Rhodiola can have therapeutic effects for those suffering from depression that interferes with daily activities. A clinical study resulted in a mild reduction in depression symptoms with minimal side effects. It may be able to help combat depression symptoms like changes in sleep, energy levels, appetite, and lack of concentration.

5. Boost mental clarity and focus

Common symptoms of anxiety and depression can leave us with brain fog and an inability to focus. Rhodiola helps by calming our body's response to stress and anxiety but it also has been known to increase cognitive function, improve memory, and enhance focus.*


Rhodiola Rosea can be taken alone as a supplement in capsule form, as an extract, or in a tea. However, it works best when combined with other herbs that work similarly, like L-theanine as in PYM Original Mood Chews. 

It’s simply one of the most effective herbs out there to help support mental wellness.*

Ever wonder why the color of your Mood Chews differs? The PYM Original Mood Chew coloring is strongly affected by the natural ingredient, Rhodiola. While the positive effects remain the same, there is a natural variation of color which depends on the season Rhodiola is harvested.

*Always seek medical advice and consult with your doctors if you want to take adaptogenic herbs to help manage chronic stress, panic disorder, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, or any mental health problems.