GABA Helps New Year's Resolutions


5 New Year's Resolutions and How GABA Can Help You Keep Them

GABA can help you stay on track with your New Year's Resolutions. Reduce stress about resolutions and learn how this naturally occurring neurotransmitter can help stay on track in 2022.

Most of us can agree that 2021 has been a long, trying year. With 2022 around the corner, it feels like the perfect time to set some intentions for the year ahead. 

Whether you call them goals, intentions, or New Year’s resolutions, they all have one thing in common: you need a plan of action if you want to succeed. It doesn’t need to be a big production. Let’s say one of your goals is to exercise more. That’s a vague goal with a pretty broad scope. All you have to do is add some specificity, such as get 10,000 steps a day or do 3 45 minute workouts a week. 

While we can’t help all of you write out an action plan for every single goal on your list, we didn’t want to leave you hanging with nothing. So, below, we’ve outlined 5 of the most common New Year’s resolutions and how PYM can help you stay on track to meet those goals.

Before we get into the specifics, we want to note that PYM isn’t a solution or a magic cure-all that’ll make all of your new year wishes come true…though that would be really cool. Instead, think of PYM as your sidekick, a helping hand in getting you to achieve those goals. 

If you want to start sleeping more 

With chaotic calendars and blue light that throws off our circadian rhythm, getting eight hours a night can feel pretty far-fetched. Luckily, there are some easy adjustments you can make to your routine to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep. 

First, put your technology away at least an hour before climbing into bed. As tempting as it is to catch up on your favorite show before bedtime, the blue light emitted from your TV, or laptop or iPhone, messes with your body’s internal clock and melatonin production. Ultimately, this leaves your body confused and not sure when it should sleep, or wake. 

Second, pop a PYM chew. L-Theanine and GABA are two of PYM’s star ingredients. On their own, they are powerful mood-elevators and relaxation-boosters. But, when used together, the two amino acids are even more powerful. Studies have found that the mixture of L-Theanine and GABA can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than either of the chemicals can on their own. Hopefully, that’ll bring you one step closer to a full night’s worth. 

If you want to quit drinking or smoking

GABA is a naturally-occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter. Put simply, GABA helps block certain brain signals and can decrease some of our nervous system activity, which is what makes it a great supplement for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Nicotine and alcohol both have negative effects on GABA production. In the case of nicotine, it works against the GABA receptors, so the dopamine-fueled, happy buzz of the drug lasts longer. So, if you increase GABA (by way of a PYM chew, perhaps) there’s the potential that the experience of smoking will be less pleasurable

In terms of alcohol, it actually mimics GABA which explains why many of us feel mellowed out after a drink or two. Once reliant on alcohol to feel good, our body reduces its own production of GABA. So, when you stop drinking your natural levels of GABA are likely much lower, and you no longer have alcohol to mimic the neurotransmitter. This can lead to a whole lot of nervous system activity that can cause stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and other symptoms of withdrawal. Taking a supplement that includes GABA each day is not a cure, but a small way to make quitting something a little easier on your mind and body. 

If you think you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please know GABA is not a cure. Please look into the resources that can lead you to help here

If you want to exercise more 

There’s a lot that comes into play when we talk about exercising more. Not only is it the motivation to just get up and do the workout, but our diet and sleep habits have a huge role in this goal as well. Exercising is a lot easier when you feel well-nourished and well-rested. Our recommendation? Find some type of movement you love and make time for it in your schedule. While we don’t have an exercise plan at the ready, we can suggest a good night’s sleep and a Mood Chew, or two, before bed to help you get some high-quality rest to fuel your workout the next day. 

If you want to start meditating 

Meditation has so many benefits and it’s so easy to incorporate into your routine. You can really meditate anywhere and the only thing you need is yourself. But, if you have an anxious or overactive mind, it can feel like a chore to sit down and really get in the zone. 

PYM can help you get into that flow state. The mix of GABA, Rhodiola, and L-Theanine help lessen stress, improve focus, and even help facilitate an increase in alpha brain waves. Together, this power trio makes it a lot easier for you to be in the moment, practice mindfulness, and ultimately reap the benefits of doing so. 

If you want to learn something new 

Picking up a new skill or hobby is a common New Year’s resolution. Plus, it can be super fun. To make sure you don’t give up on learning how to play the guitar or speak a new language after just a few weeks, we recommend incorporating some GABA into your diet. About 30 minutes before you start your lesson of the day, have 1-2 Mood Chews. The GABA in each chew can help quiet some of the noise in your head and make it easier for you to stay on task. It can also help slow down the anxious thoughts that may be holding you back. So, pick up that guitar, those knitting needles, or the paintbrush – there’s a lot you can learn in a year. 

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Whatever they are, we hope PYM can help. If you have any questions about how PYM can help you reach your goals email us at Happy New Year!